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Ding Dong the Dic(tator) is Dead by Martha Lerner

"In a span of 12 days, the world lost not one, but 2 influential Cuban leaders. One rose to fame and power with a loud and powerful roar, making sure everyone and everything in his path knew whom he was. The other, quietly and politely from behind the scenes, led his fellow Cubans in his own way on their individual paths to freedom and the American dream. The first was Fidel Castro, the other was my papi, Miguel Perez."    This article was originally written and published by Contributing Author Martha Lerner on November 30, 2016 .   En paz descansen los dos lideres Cubanos, que siempre seran recordados por sus hechos, ya sean buenos o malos.  Photo credit: Jorge Zamanillo, Versailles Cuban restaurant in Little Havana.

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