Call for Cubans With Writer Wings for a #freecuba

Cubans With Wings was created as a collaboration platform to help tell the untold stories of the Cuban people through the #SOSCUBA messaging campaign with the goal of helping to bring freedom to the Cuban people.  For too long our Cuban story has been untold. What has become apparent with the recent #soscuba trending on social media in late is that there are too many people in this world that are completely misinformed about Cuban history.  

And how can we blame them?  Their perception has been distorted by a 62-year-old filter clogged up by communist propaganda, censorship and exacerbated by U.S. isolation.  But you know, everything has a useful lifespan, right?  Buildings and sewer systems only last about 30-50 years, if they are built and maintained properly.  It's time to replace that information filter with the truth! It's time to arm the unarmed peaceful protesters in Cuba right now with our stories.  The time has come to tell the real stories of the Cuban people and their 62-year-old battle for freedom and liberty against the cruelest modern regime to still exist.  

Whether you were born in Cuba or born in America with Cuban parts like me - if you were born with writer wings and share the dream of a #freecuba, this is your invitation to use your gifts to tell the untold stories of the Cuban people.  It does not have to be just a dream anymore.  



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