My Pen Echoes Cuba’s Chant for Freedom. I am the Bridge by Vanessa Garcia

 Protest at Miami’s Freedom Tower. Photo: Vanessa Garcia

"And after all that, my grand uncle's last fight and flight was for Cuba, the country he had made home. After this last fight in Cuba, against Castro’s tyranny back in the 1960s, when he was finally released, that same grand-uncle did not speak to anyone for a full year. He couldn't, as a the result of electroshocks and torture he had suffered in Castro’s political prisons." 

This article was originally written by critically acclaimed author, Vanessa Garcia and published on UNDOMESTICATED | 

“…They are singing out a different song than the one intended. What they are singing today is not that of a torturer’s confession, but a freedom song, against all odds."

~ Vanessa Garcia


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