Cultivo Una Rosa Blanca (Verso XXXIX) - Un poema por José Martí

Art by Gilbert Rojas @gilbertscreatures

Cultivo Una Rosa Blanca (Verso XXXIX) por José Martí

Cultivo una rosa blanca,

En julio como en enero,

Para el amigo sincero

Que me da su mano franca.

Y para el cruel que me arranca

El corazón con que vivo,

Cardo ni oruga cultivo:

Cultivo la rosa blanca.

I Have a White Rose to Tend (Verse XXXIX)  
written by José Martí

I have a white rose to tend

In July as in January;

I give it to the true friend

Who offers his frank hand to me.

And for the cruel one whose blows

Break the heart by which I live,

Thistle nor thorn do I give:

For him, too, I have a white rose.


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